Your production flow: now revolutionized with vision and artificial intelligence.

The fastest and most accurate 3D vision system on the market for real-time industrial applications.

Numetrix Studio™ AI Software Platform

Our dedicated AI software platform, Numetrix Studio™, allows full customization and editing of user interfaces and AI machine vision algorithms. We work closely with our clients to develop custom solutions that fully meet their goals.

Numetrix Studio™ Software Platform

Numetrix Studio™ AI software platform provides the following benefits:

  • Automated data acquisition and analysis using best in class AI providing objective, consistent and repeatable results
  • Process tracking using digital data and reporting fully searchable for downstream analysis
  • Users, roles, and workflow management fully customizable to map your manufacturing processes

Numetrix Mobile™

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NX3D Digitizer:
greater accuracy where it counts

Artificial intelligence vision

Optimized for black surfaces

Our 3D cameras are optimized for 3D scanning of black surfaces with an unmatched combination of accuracy and speed. High data quality is the key to obtaining the most reliable inspection results.

AI vision and manufacturing

Built for the most demanding industrial environments

Our cameras have been tested and proven to maintain their accuracy, even when subjected to extreme vibrations and high ambient temperatures. In addition, their sealed enclosure protects them for long-term reliability.

Let our experts exceed your expectations.

Proficiency is only a small part of exceeding your expectations: our capacity to combine AI vision and industrial knowledge make a world of difference. Your project success is assured by Numetrix proven track record in challenging environment


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