Artificial Intelligence 3D Machine Vision Systems

Loved by the most demanding customers for their most challenging applications.

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Go from just looking to truly knowing.
Industry 4.0 is here.

Just small marginal gains won’t provide the results you’re looking for. And you know it. You need our AI Machine vision system to improve your production processes.
When status quo is no longer an option, you need Numetrix. Superior technology implemented by a team of experts makes it possible for our systems to do in days what used to take years to master.

outside-of-box technology


We offer the most accurate 3D digitizing of moving and vibrating objects, being extruded or traveling on a conveyor.

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AI vision and manufacturing


We successfully made AI machine vision possible in an environment where 3 other firms failed before.

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Artificial intelligence vision


Access true industrial AI vision experts that will fully customize the solution to your challenges.


Escape implementation risk and
become an industry hero

Common challenges

• Production disruption

• Failed implementation

• Poor fit with industrial realities

• No access to data

People working at Numetrix Technologies

Numetrix’s advantage

• Skilled team that can deliver on time, on cost and on budget

• Consulting approach to implementation where your needs are truly understood

• Full access to data that can be leveraged to improve production

Numetrix Technologies' Team

Let our experts exceed your expectations.

Proficiency is only a small part of exceeding your expectations: our capacity to unite AI machine vision and industrial knowledge make a world of difference. Your project success is assured by Numetrix’s proven track record in challenging environments.