See how industries have revolutionized their workflow with Numetrix Studio™ software platform combined with the fastest and most accurate 3D vision system on the market.

Tire industry applications

3D AI Tire Inspection System

Prevent marking errors and surface anomalies.

The system ensures that all markings molded on the tire, such as logos, symbols, text and characters, match the reference specifications. The system can also be used for production sampling inspection, thus ensuring that mold wear is detected early.

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Designed for the tire and rubber industry.

Mobile inspection solution for manufacturing process validation

Numetrix Mobile™, our AI-powered software platform embedded on a handheld device, can validate text on various challenging types of surfaces including engraved metallic molds. In addition, the mobile device will guide the user through a customized workflow to ensure compliance with all the parameters necessary for the proper start-up of your production lines.

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Rubber industry applications

Extruded Rubber Inspection

Utilising the Numetrix NX3D-50 high-resolution 3D surface digitizer, key production parameters can be measured and examined in realtime on the production line, allowing clear detection of manufacturing defects including: contamination presence, surface variations, cutting defects, drag marks, colored stains and air pockets.

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Extruded Rubber Inspection

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